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Introduction of Royal-B 100% Fresh, Pure, Certifed Organic Royal Jelly

Royal-B 100% Fresh, Pure, Certifed Organic Royal Jelly - International Premium Quality

Summer Pacific Sdn Bhd, part of KTS Group Company, is the only company that is capable to produce fresh royal jelly in Malaysia. Our bee farm is located in the dense of the unpolluted Borneo jungle, and therefore, we can produce the freshest and purest royal jelly in Malaysia, Royal-B Royal Jelly.

1. About Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly, secreted by pharyngeal gland and mandibular gland of young working bee and be mainly as the food of bee larva and queen bee, is milky white or light yellow, sticky and creamy substance with sour, pungent and pucker taste. Both worker and queen bee are female with the same genetic substance, but the weight of queen bee is 3 times of worker bee, and its life is 50 times than that of worker bee. Moreover, queen bee could lay 1500 ~ 3000 eggs every day, while the worker bee lay nothing. Such great difference is resulted from only 1 great reason. That is queen bee is feed on royal jelly for her whole life while the worker bee is feed only in the first 3 days of its life, then honey or pollen for its other life times.

2. How to Produce Royal Jelly
Bee farmers will use special tools to move queen bee larva (born within 12 hours) into specially design hive, then put it into the bee hive so that feeding bee(born within 5 ~ 15 days) will produce royal jelly to feed them. Queen bee larva will be removed after 3 days and royal jelly will be collected. Since our company, Summer Pacific emphasizes on low quantity, high quality production, our Royal-B Royal Jelly is able to achieve International Premium Quality, and our royal jelly contains more than 2% of 10 HDA.

3. Taste of Fresh Royal Jelly
Fresh, pure royal jelly is milky white or light yellow, sticky and creamy substance with sour, pungent and pucker taste. Ones can feel light sweet aftertaste and got its own special royal jelly smell.

4. Content of Royal Jelly
Royal jelly contains insulin-like peptides, active protein, amino acids, mineral, vitamin and 10-hydoxy-2-decenoic acid (10 HDA), which can only be found in royal jelly. More and more experiments show that royal jelly is a very suitable natural healthy food for human being. It helps to improve our health in both physically and mentally.

5. Way to consume and preserve Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is pure, naturally, excellent healthy food for human being and it can be consumed directly and assimilated by human body. In order to achieve the best result, it’s recommended to consume royal jelly 5 ~ 10 gms each time, twice per day, half an hour after waking up in the morning and before sleeping with empty stomach. There are 3 ways of consuming royal jelly, (1) put underneath tongue and swallow it slowly; (2) swallow it directly with warm water (3) mix with honey and consume directly. Please do not heat the royal jelly. Elderly and patient can consume double serving size in order to achieve better result and any individual allergic to bee product, consume carefully.

Royal jelly can be stored under temperature of 0~ 4°C (lower level of fridge) up to 1 month, -5°C (upper level of Fridge) up to 1 year and - 18°C up to 2 years without changing its quality. Once starting consuming royal jelly, please keep it in lower level of fridge (0 ~ 4°C), and finish it within 1 to 2 months.

Important Notes:
Above said benefits of consuming royal jelly can’t be discovered immediately once individual had started taking royal jelly. As royal jelly is a natural healthy food, one must consume constantly everyday up to 4 weeks, sometimes even up to 3 months, in order to achieve the benefits. Result may vary depends on different individuals.

In the past, royal jelly is so expensive due to the following reasons: (1) it has excellent benefits; (2) it’s hard to produce; and (3) it’s hard to preserve. Now, thanks to Summer Pacific, part of KTS Group Company, everyone can purchase the freshest, purest, and made locally, with excellent benefits royal jelly at reasonable price. Everyone can enjoy their life healthier and happier with Royal-B Royal Jelly.

1) How to judge the quality of royal jelly?
Quality of royal jelly depends on the percentage of 10-HDA it contents instead of its colour. Minimum requirement for 10-HDA is 1.4% internationally, while our Royal-B Royal Jelly contains up to 2 ~ 2.3% 10-HDA, is one of the best royal jelly one can find in the market.

2) What’s 10-HDA?
It’s the only natural ingredient that can be found within royal jelly. 10 HDA has a lot of advantages, for example, killing bacteria, improve one’s health, regain energy and so on. It also brings lots of advantages to those who receive chemical therapy.

According to professor Gordon from Canada who’s doing research on the effect of royal jelly to cancer during the annual meeting of Cancer Experiment Association in America in 1959, royal jelly can helps to improve the situation of the patients in various ways.

Professor divided 1000 white mouse into two groups, A and B equally. He injected cancer cell into the white mouse in group A and after 21 days, the entire mouse died because of cancer. On the other hand, he injected the cancer cell and the royal jelly into the white mouse in group B, and surprisingly, the mouse in group B survived.

3) Can asthma patients have royal jelly?
There are 3 types of asthma:
a) Causing by the effect of bacteria
b) Causing by the illness of lung
c) Causing by the allergy

For these kinds of patients, please take extra caring when taking royal jelly, especially for those who are having asthma because of allergy. It’s advised that asthma patients should only take 2 ~ 3 gms at the starting, then increase to 5 ~ 10gms if nothing happen. Stop immediately if symptom occurred.

4) Can Children have royal jelly?
It’s not recommended for children to have royal jelly because for children, they already have the very best immune system and health. But, it’s highly recommended for those who are weak, getting sick easily regardless of their ages, to consume royal jelly so that they can have a healthier body and happier life in the future.

5) Can diabetics have royal jelly?
Royal jelly contains of insulin-like kinetin, which helps to lower the blood sugar level, can bring a advantage to diabetics.

6) Who can’t consume royal jelly?
For those who are allergies to bee product, they are recommended to consume royal jelly carefully. They may consult their local nutritionist or doctor before they consume royal jelly.

Packaging and price:

1) 250g Bottle

2) 290g Glass Bottle (NEW!) comes with a foam box (great as gifts to your love ones)

Terms & Purchasing Method:

1. Bank In/Transfer payment to my account, we can meet up and pass the Royal Jelly to you in Bdr Sunway/Subang

2. Courier - Klang Valley, Penang (NEW!!), Johor (NEW!!)

Important: Fresh Royal Jelly needs to be freezed


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